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Name, affiliation and email address

Christian Bokhove Mathematics teacher and ICT coordinator at St. Michael College, Zaandam (secondary school) Dudoc programme (Phd) at Fisme but even better

Bio sketch

I've been a math and computer studies teacher for 10 years now in a secondary school in Zaandam, the Netherlands. Fropm early on I had a lot of interest in the use of ICT in my math lessons. This resulted in collaboration with projects like WisClas, Wisweb and WELP. St. Michael College led the Galois and Sage projects, both aimed at tool development. In 2007 I got the chance to spend 0.6 fte for research, lasting four years. Close collaboration between developers, teachers and researchers is -in my opinion- the best and only way to design relevant tools.

Field of interest

ICT tools Digital, computer assessment Algebra

Chosen topic group (but also interested in)

Chosen topic group: Software

Also interested in:

Planned contribution to ISDDE 2008


Expectations for this conference



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