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Name, affiliation and email address

Name, affiliation and email address

Bio sketch

Field of interest

The kind of work I do

Chosen topic group (but also interested in)

Chosen topic group: Curriculum

paper on curriculum

Planned contribution to ISDDE 2008

My contribution can be about the design of tasks for the mathematics A-lympiad. A international math contest for teams of students, based on open ended real-world problem situations. A design issues is for example: how to make sure the tasks is accessible for all students, but at the same time provides enough opportunity to solve it on several levels and distinguish between the 'winners' and the rest.

demo: I can (maybe) show MobileMath: a math game played outside with a maximum of eigth teams on GPS enabled mobile phones. Teams construct and destruct quadrilaterals and score points. [if the phones are available we can play it outside, otherwise I could tell about the design] remarks I'm not sure about the topic group. MobileMath also fits in Educational software

Expectations for this conference



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