Use of ICT for acquiring, practicing and assessing relevant mathematical skills

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This research (PhD, Christian Bokhove, Freudenthal institute) focuses on the following central research question: In what way can the use of ICT support acquiring, practicing and assessing relevant mathematical skills?

The hypothesis is that the use of ICT tools, if carefully integrated, can increase algebraic skill performance in general and symbol sense in particular.

The main research question is elaborated into the following sub-questions:

  1. What are characteristics and criteria for an appropriate tool for assessment of algebraic skills?
  2. What role can feedback play when using an ICT tool for acquiring algebraic skills?
  3. How does instrumental genesis take place when learning algebraic skills, both basic skills and symbol sense?
  4. How can transfer of algebraic skills take place from the tool towards pen-and-paper?
  5. How can formative and summative assessment be successfully combined in one didactical scenario for an ICT tool for acquiring, practicing and assessing algebraic skills?



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