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  • Free, web-based resources that support the teaching and learning of post-16 mathematics, making mathematics a richer, more coherent and more stimulating experience for students and teachers alike.
  • UK Government-funded project, based in the University of Cambridge.


The structure of the website reflects the perspective that mathematics is a coherent and connected enterprise. The mathematics content has been organised along a system of thematic tube lines. Alongside lie ‘pervasive ideas’, mathematical ideas that permeate topics throughout mathematics, such as transformations, symmetry and averages.

It builds awareness of these ideas so that it can lead to insight and opportunities to make connections.

Each station on the tubemap features an overarching question. In addition, there are key questions that students should be able to answer by the time they leave the station. At each station there is a range of teaching resources, usually with teacher notes to support their use in the classroom. Within a resource the website may provide additional insight into the problem, suggest alternative approaches or highlight links to other areas of mathematics.

Workshops in Cambridge provide an opportunity for the Underground Mathematics team and teachers from partner schools to work together over three or four consecutive days. Teachers give detailed feedback on the website, share their experiences of using the resources and engage with wider aspects of the project. In response to feedback we have designed additional PD resources involving video and associated support.


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