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* Transfer (dutch)



Knowledge and skills that are learned in one situation (school) and have to be used ('tranferred') in other situations (work, society)

We cite Pea (1987): "Transfer of knowledge is a multifaceted problem at the core of learning. Knowledge transfer is not only an individual achievement but a cultural problem, encompassing the study of history. And education is the attempt to transfer knowledge from the culture to the individual. [..] The question of knowledge 'transfer' is typically portrayed as one-directional: How can knowledge acquired in formal education be transferred appropriately to everydag life and work situations? What is lamented is common evidence from the workplace, home, community, and from educators' reports, that wisdom acquired in formal education is not applied outside schooling".

See also Steen 2003.

The other way around: 'how to you use common sense in education?'

Transfer and workplace learning

How to use mathematical knowledge in different 'real' situations.

Transfer and gamebased learning

Use of educational games to learn skills for workplace and other situations

Interesting to read from O Suilleabhain (2008):

"Despite such promising indications, empirical data, where it exists, fails to establish the 'transfer power' of games. One reason may lie in the fact that many of the experiments carried out to study learning transfer – and/or just plain learning – from games are based on a 'one-shot', 'in vitro' approach similar to that taken in many classic transfer experiments"


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