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* TechniekTalent (dutch)



  • The Dutch Foundation tries to get more young people to choose technology for study and occupation
  • English: Technology Talent


TechniekTalent Is a collaboration of companies, educators, communities and school with only one target: a greater influx in technology and to retain (young) adults in technology. To reach this target, techniek talents focusses on two main objectives:

  1. Clear image: A lot of students seem not to have a clear image of technology and therefore techniek talent aims to present a clear image of technology what should result in higher interest for technology.
  2. Collaboration: Women, girls and immigrants are underrepresented in technology studies and working field. Therefore it is aimed to improve the collaboration between education and the world of work.

Techniek Talent has designed three program lines to reach their goal and objectives:

  1. Primary education: Better implementation of technology into the core objectives of primary education.
  2. Secondary and vocational education: stimulate schools to carry out the image of technology in a new way which helps students to identify themselves with.
  3. World of Work: supports companies on the field of labor market, policy diversity, talent retention by collecting, enriching, translate and disseminate the knowledge on the subjects.


  1. Arbeidsmarkt en Opleiding Metalelektra
  2. OOM
  3. OTIB
  4. MT
  5. FME CWM
  6. Koninklijke metaalunie
  7. BOVAG
  8. FNV
  9. CNV
  10. De Unie
  11. VHP2
  12. OOI
  13. VOC
  14. OOC
  15. Uneto-Vni
  16. VIB
  17. FOCWA
  18. Fundeon
  19. Platform betatechniek
  20. HBA
  21. MBO raad
  22. VO raad
  23. HBO
  25. VHTO
  26. TVVL
  27. Kenteq
  28. O&O
  29. OVP
  30. VAPRO
  31. PMLF
  32. SPV
  33. Innovam
  34. DOGZ
  35. Federatie Goud en Zilver
  36. Stichting C3
  37. NIL
  38. SXC


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