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* TWIN (dutch)



Mathematics (and Science) Reform in Vocational Education, integrating the use of IT tools

Project of the Freudenthal institute from 1996-2000

Mathematics and science used to be isolated subjects in vocational education for the age group 16 - 20. In the past, there was no need to connect these subjects to the vocational courses. Through the TWIN project (Techniek = Engineering; Wiskunde = mathematics; ICT = information technology; Natuurkunde = science) both subjects are closer linked to the vocational subjects.

Objectives of the project

The main objectives of the project are

  • to develop a program that
    • trully supports the vocational subjects
    • in which the use of IT tools is integrated, in both the learning process and assessment
    • fits the math and science programs of junior high school as well as the mathematics program of further vocational education
  • to inform and train teachers through an inservice teacher training program
    • on didactical consequences, related to the new program
    • on the use of IT tools to support the learning of mathematics (TI 83 and Java applets)
    • on the relationship between teaching and assessing the new program
  • to develop assessment tools that do fit the new program, like portfolio and national exams


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