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* Stichting_C3 (dutch)



Foundation for chemistry education


Name of the project

Stichting C3

Name of the funding body

Stichting C3 is a collaboration of KNCV, NVON, VNCI, VAPRO, NWO, CW/ACTS and DAS who also fund the organization.

Number of partners in the project

  1. KNCV
  2. NVON
  3. VNCI
  4. VAPRO
  5. NOW
  6. CW/ACTS
  7. DAS
  8. 25 Chimical companies, diverse organizations, 10 universities, and 17 secondary education school represented in DAS.

List the country / countries involved in the project

The Netherlands

Hyperlink of the project

Abstract on the project

Stichting C3 promotes chemistry, studies and professions in chemistry, life sciences and process engineering among youth. C3 reaches youth mainly by ‘regular’ education; all educational levels (primary and secondary including vocational). C3 develops several appealing promotion materials and activities to inform and enthuse students about a career in the chemical industry. These promotion materials and activities are freely available online, and teacher are able to integrate these materials with their existing lessons. C3 also supports or organizes several projects:

Primary education

  • Expedition Chemistry: Promotion materials and activities that help children to become acquainted with chemistry and its use in life.

Secondary education

  • Lab Experience Days (LEDs): During LEDs secondary students visit and experience working in a lab. Both parents and students get information about the career possibilities.
  • Week van de Procestechniek: Vocational education student visit a company, get a company tour and get hands-on experience by working in the company with staff and ask questions.
  • PROEF!: Primary HAVO students meet the possibilities after a study of applied sciences.
  • Exact wat je zoekt: Modules that enthuse students for a career in chemistry, life sciences and process engineering.

Other projects

  • Science club: Youth is able to connect to chemistry outside school by joining a science club and do several experiments in a lab under supervision.
  • Rubber en kunststof: is a website containing modules for teachers and students about the use and production of rubber and plastic.
  • VNCI & Nieuwe Scheikunde: is a website containing modules for teachers and students about the context and image of chemistry profession.

The above mentioned project are subdivided among three programs:

  • Expedition Chemistry, primary education
  • The Chemical Factory, vocational education
  • Feel the Chemistry, secondary education


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