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* Skills_Netherlands (dutch)



  • Dutch Foundation: skills for industry by empowering vocational education


Name of the project

Skills Netherlands

Name of the funding body

Hago and Interforce B.V. take care of funding Skills Netherlands.

Number of partners in the project

  1. Aequor
  3. Calibiris
  4. ECABO
  5. Fundeon
  6. Gemeente Rotterdam
  7. Grafisch lyceum Rotterdam
  8. HMC
  9. MBO raad
  10. ministerie van Economische Zaken,
  11. ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap
  12. Noorderpoort College
  13. NVKL
  14. OTIB
  15. ROC midden Nederland
  16. Savantis
  17. SH&M
  18. Stichting platform VMBO
  19. SVH
  20. Vakcollege
  21. VOC
  22. VO raad

List the country / countries involved in the project

The Netherlands, and some project contain the collaboration of European countries or worldwide.

Hyperlink of the project

Abstract on the project

Skills Netherlands promotes the importance of vocational education in The Netherlands by three sorts of activities: Image improvement, talent development and profession & career guidance. To do so Skills Netherlands organizes several events and activities:

  • Skills Masters: Is a three days career event for skills, training and work with lots of hands-on experiences for the attendances.
  • Skills Oost: Is the same as Skills masters but organized in the east of The Netherlands
  • Skills Talents: Is a competition of final year vocation students in skills. On ten different disciplines. Teams consist of three students showing that their master of their practiced skills. Disciplines are: (1) Building, living and interior (2) electricity and installation (3) mobility and vehicles (4) technology and design (5) economy and administration (6) Catering (7) Information and communication technology (8) media and appearance (9) Flowers and design (10) Healthcare and wellbeing.
  • Skills Talents Roadshow: contains a series of activities that could be used during open house, events etc.
  • Euroskills: Is the same as Skills masters but European.
  • Worldskills: Is the same as Skills masters but worldwide.
  • Excellent MBO: A collection of skill competitions ( for vocational and senior general secondary education students divided into the ten earlier mentioned disciplines.
  • International Abilympics: International skill competition for students in vocational education with a handicap.



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