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Name of the project

Scheikunde in bedrijf (Chemistry at work)

Name of the funding body

VNCI (The Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry)

Number of partners in the project

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The main aim of the project is to incorporate the chemical industry and professions in the new chemistry curriculum. The Dutch Chemistry Educators design a new curriculum for chemistry education in senior secondary schools for Havo and Vwo. The Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry has provided funding for the design of curricular content in the context of the chemical Industry. Between 2005 - 2010 teams of teachers and experts from industry together designed eight modules for new chemistry on the chemical industry, two for each grade level (grade 9-12). Further results are: incorporation of content related to industry and professions in other modules; gain in teacher knowledge on recent developments in chemical industry; attention paid to chemical industry in teacher networks.

This project is supervised by Stichting C3. In C3 the chemical professional practices are a core topic. Project activities relate to Jet-Net as well.


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