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  • Science Pedagogy Innovation Centre for Europe (project 2009-2011)
  • Creating a science pedagogy innovation centre for Europe
  • Coordinator: European Schoolnet


  • website, may 2013

The primary objective of the SPICE project is to collect, analyse, validate and share innovative pedagogical practices, particularly those using inquiry-based learning, whilst enhancing pupils' interest in the sciences.

Following the lessons learnt from the Inspire project regarding the use of resources in Maths, Science and Technology classes as well as the insights gained from the Travel well projects, in December 2009 European Schoolnet (EUN, Belgium), Dum zahranicnich sluzeb MSMT (DZS, Czech Republic) and Direcção Geral de Inovação e Desenvo (DGIDC, Portugal) launched SPICE, a 2-year project funded under the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme (DG Education and Culture), with the aim of establishing a Science Pedagogy Innovation Centre for Europe.

SPICE supports this objective by singling out, analysing and validating good practice pedagogies and practices in maths, science and technology, which nowadays are mostly ICT-based, and disseminating them across Europe. The good practice criteria allow new projects to have guidelines to ensure their innovation and quality.

SPICE involves teachers and experts from 16 participating countries. In each country one maths and/or science teacher has been selected to be part of the SPICE teacher panel.

The teacher panel, along with a science expert panel, has helped the SPICE partners in defining 24 good practices (GPs) and characterising them correctly, so that the GPs can be transposed and tried out in schools in other countries. Each GP is tested in more than one country. Results of the trials are shared at a summer school organised by DZS in the Czech Republic.


  • http://spice.eun.org/web/spice
  • European Schoolnet
  • Kearney, C. (2011). Efforts to Increase Students’ Interest in Pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Studies and Careers. National Measures taken by 21 of European Schoolnet's Member Countries (pp. 48). Brussels: European Schoolnet.
  • Scientix

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