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Name, affiliation and email address

Archie Paulson, University of Colorado at Boulder (

Bio sketch

I am a postdoc in the Physics Education Research group at the University of Colorado. Following my Physics Ph.D. from CU-Boulder and a Geophysics postdoc at UC-Berkeley, I began working in Physics Education Research in September, 2007.

Field of interest

I am currently working on the research base of the PhET project and on the development of new simulations (sims). I am interested in (among other things) the creation of Physics tutorials to best exploit the innovative features of the PhET sims, what features of the sims prompt learning, and in the design of new sims.

Chosen topic group (but also interested in)

Chosen topic group: Software

Also interested in: Curriculum design

Planned contribution to ISDDE 2008

The Physics Education Technology (PhET) project, based in the Physics Department of the University of Colorado, develops interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena. Our research includes better understanding how students learn from the simulations, and what implications this may have for designing effective in-class activities, homework and labs. I would be pleased to contribute our findings about how the simulations affect

1. the students' ability to solve conceptual and quantitative problems,

2. their attitudes about learning physics, and

3. perceptions of their own learning and of the simulations themselves.

Expectations for this conference



The PhET project

Physics Education Research group at CU

Archie's web page

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