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* Numeracy_Norway (dutch)



Three levels of Competence goals Numeracy. Below the three general descriptions. Details are availabe for Number, Measurement and Statistics (including examples) -> VOX

Level 1

Understands simple mathematical information and does simple calculations

The adult should be able to:

  • understand simple information that includes mathematical elements in everyday life, working life and social life
  • use mathematics in specific contexts without being able to transfer it to other situations
  • operate calculators, cash registers and the like, without being able to apply mathematics in other contexts

Level 2

Relates actively to mathematical information, processes the information and can use mathematics in new situations

The adult should be able to:

  • handle challenges that include mathematical elements that he/she meets in everyday life, working life and social life
  • make use of mathematics in various context, including the use of mathematics in new situations
  • have sufficient mathematical undersstanding to feel capable of participating actively in democratic processes and in organisational work

Level 3

Understands and uses complex mathematical information actively to draw his/her own conclusions and to communicate independently

The adult should be able to:

  • relates to, compare and critically assess information containing mathematical elements
  • perform complex calculations, and - on his/her own initiative- use mathematical tools appropriate for the purpose and for the situation
  • use his/her knowledge of mathematics actively to communicatie and present mathematical information orally and in written form


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