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* Maths_into_Work (dutch)



  • A Professional Development Module from NCETM
  • In beeld brengen van het 'nut' (de toepassingen) van wiskunde op de werkvloer


One of the ever present challenges for the secondary teacher is to demonstrate relevance in their subject content; none more so that mathematics.

This is a subject that embraces all aspects of learning styles from the acquisition of simple knowledge to the forming of complex concepts and requires creative thought to transfer the skills learned, to the solving of problems. To achieve success, the mathematics teacher must be hugely resourceful in terms of teaching and learning styles, whilst standing firmly in the real world ¬of applied mathematics. Maths in Work has been designed to offer glimpses of the real world of work via video clips, to help students appreciate not only the relevance of mathematics but its importance in every day life. The clips feature the people who are actually ‘doing the job’ and explain some of the maths processes that they are involved with on a daily basis. There is a brief synopsis of each clip which identifies the maths topics covered, and all clips end with the simple question, “What mathematics would be involved in the work you have just watched?” The teacher is free to approach the viewing in whatever way seems appropriate to his/her circumstances.


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