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* Maple_TA (dutch)


Maple T.A., derived from the legendary Maple software, is ideal for placement testing, homework delivery, drill and practice, exam questions and assignments, high stakes testing, standards and gateway testing, and 'just in time' teaching. A web-based testing and assessment system, Maple T.A. supports complex, free-form entry and intelligent evaluation of responses, making this system ideal for mathematics, science, or any course that requires mathematics.


  • Maple T.A. has the full power of the advanced mathematical software Maple behind it. Maple has the ability to represent and solve problems in pre-calculus, calculus, linear algebra, abstract algebra, vector calculus, statistics, number theory, group theory, and more.
  • The powerful Maple engine can determine mathematical equivalences, and automatically grade the student response appropriately. Like a human teaching assistant, Maple T.A. will detect when the response is equivalent to the programmed answer, instead of doing a mindless simple comparison.
  • Maple T.A. can display MathML, so all your equations look the same as they do in your textbook
  • Students can use palettes and a math expression editor with free-form input, so they can enter their responses in the same way they would write them down.
  • To simplify entry, a 1-D graphing calculator is available. The student then has the option of previewing the equivalent 2-D expression before submitting his or her response.
  • Maple T.A. includes built-in unit support for many common types of measurement. Equivalent answers will be graded correctly. For more obscure measurement systems, Maple T.A. can be programmed to evaluate the problem. Maple has an extremely thorough coverage of units.
  • Integration with the Blackboard Learning System (release 6) enables you to use Maple T.A. directly from inside your Blackboard classes.


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