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* MILE (dutch)



  • Project of the Freudenthal Institute 1996-2006
  • Multimedial Interactive Learning Environment for teacher training (primary education) in the area of mathematics education.


From the thesis of Oonk (2009): This study concentrates on the theory-practice problem in primary teacher education, focusing specifically on the subject of mathematics education. The main question is how student teachers can integrate theory and practice and how the organisation of their learning environment can contribute to that integration. Little is known yet about how student teachers at teacher training colleges gain knowledge or about how they connect theoretical knowledge and practical situations, both crucial components of learning to teach.

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  • Dolk, M., Faes, W., Goffree, F., Hermsen, H. & Oonk, W. (1996). Een Multimediale Interactieve Leeromgeving voor aanstaande leraren basisonderwijs ingevuld voor het vak rekenen-wiskunde & didactiek. Utrecht: MILE-reeks, publikatie 1, Instituut/NVORWO.
  • Oonk, W. (2009). refworks.jpg Theory-enriched practical knowledge in mathematics teacher education . ICLON, Leiden.

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