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* IncluSMe (dutch)





  • Germany: University of Freiburg
  • Netherlands:
    • Utrecht University
    • Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, 'Hogeschool Utrecht'
  • other European countries: Spain, Slowakia, Lituania, Sweden, Czech Republic


Our project, therefore, aims to improve the relevance of higher education curricula for prospective maths and science teachers by linking maths/science pedagogy with intercultural learning - and thereby strengthening students' social, civic and intercultural competences.

Core to the project is the design and implementation of related open access teaching modules, to facilitate intercultural learning for prospective maths and science teachers. These modules will be purposefully designed (flexible structure, modular, user guidance) so that they can be easily used in existing university courses and curricula. Thus, the connectivity of the developed materials is ensured and will pave the way for updated curricula in maths and science initial teacher education.


  • Erasmus+
  • ICSE
  • MaSDIV
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