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* Ingenious_Academy (dutch)



  • European Coordinating Body (FP7 funded) in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education (European Schoolnet).
  • Brings teachers and industry together to excite pupils about science, technology, engineering and maths



  • website (march 2013)

It is a joint initiative launched by European Schoolnet and the European Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT) aiming to reinforce young European's interest in science education and careers and thus address anticipated future skills gaps within the European Union. Through a strategic partnership between major industries and Ministries of Education, inGenious has the objective of increasing the links between science education and careers, by involving up to 1,000 classrooms throughout Europe.

Teaching materials

  • june 2013
Name Subject Pdf
Experience Science with Sensors Subject: Chemistry, Biology, Physics 40
Kiewis Subject: Physical sciences, Technology, Engineering, Economy 4
The Blu-ray disc Subject: Technology, Engineering different modules
SMART Template Subject: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
SMART Response VE Subject: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
SMART Notebook Math Tool Subject: Mathematics, Science
SMART Notebook 3D tools Subject: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
SMART Ideas Subject: Mathematics, Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry
SMART Exchange Subject: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
It's all about Energy Subject: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics 49
FuturEnergia Subject: Energy, Science, Technology, Engineering different
Chemistry, all about you! Subject: Chemistry website
Superbenz workshop Subject: Science, Physical sciences, Environmental sciences workshop (shell), decision making
Street lighting Subject: Physical science, Computer science, Technology. Engineering, Maths 10 (worksheet)
Electronic Dice Subject: Technology, Engineering print (electronic circuit)
DeforestACTION Subject: Maths, Science, Technology 40
Volvo FH16 750 Subject: Technology, physical science, environmental sciences unavailable
Strong Truck Subject: Maths, technology
Scratch Programming Subject: Science, computer programming
Skoool Football Subject: Maths, physical sciences, natural sciences
Sensor Adventure Subject: Science, physical sciences, environmental sciences
Mathematical Tools Subject: Maths
Multimedia teaching materials on Ammonia synthesis Subject: Chemistry
Xperimania II Subject: Chemistry
Xperimania I Subject: Chemistry, physical sciences


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