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  • A research question from the European project inGenious, june-september 2013

The overall aim of the inGenious project is to reinforce the link between school – industry collaboration by coordinating and building upon existing school and industry initiatives in the area of STEM education with the scope of fostering young European’s interest in STEM education and careers.

  • Aim of this research:

Identify research studies, STEM education projects and reports which have been developed in your country and which involve and/or promote school-industry partnerships as a way of fostering students’ interest on STEM career. The goal is to identify:

  • Relevant research in the field of STEM related to school-industry initiatives which has achieved impact enough to be published at international level.
  • Research results about existing national and local initiatives in Europe that have been researched only at national level with research results disseminated only in the national language at national level. This task does not only contribute to establish a state-of-the-art in the field, but also allows a better dissemination of projects and studies that have been performed at local level across Europe and which might have had little impact at international level.

Three categories or resources are investigated:

  • Research studies (Arthur Bakker and others)
  • Projects (Vincent Jonker and others)
  • Reports (Monica Wijers and others)

All sources should be related to the area of STEM school-industry collaboration covering all levels of education (pre-primary, primary, secondary, post-secondary non-tertiary and tertiary). Some of the key areas of interest are:

  • Career guidance
  • STEM vocations
  • Curriculum development (enhancing STEM school-industry collaboration)
  • Vocational Education and Training / Dual systems
  • Teacher Continuous Professional Development addressed to STEM vocations
  • Other (visits to industry, internships, evaluation studies, etc.)

All resources should be summarised in English (between half a page and two pages per research study/project/report).



  1. Name of Expert and Country
  2. Select what would you like to report (Report/Research Study/Project/Other)
  3. Name of the project
  4. Name of the funding body
  5. Number of partners in the project
  6. List the country / countries involved in the project
  7. Provide the hyperlink of the project (if available)
  8. Provide an abstract on the project (in English)

Research (English) - longlist

Research (English) - shortlist

Research (Dutch) - longlist

Research (Dutch) - shortlist

Research (and other) reports (English and Dutch) - longlist

Dutch STEM education projects

Meeting 2013

  • 18-11-2013, Towards 2020: Priorities for STEM Education and careers in Europe
  • Results of a unique study analysing school-industry collaboration in STEM education
  • Debate the future of STEM education in Europe in the context of Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+.


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