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* Girlsday (dutch)



During Girlsday, organized annually in the Netherlands by VHTO, more than 8,000 girls discover the world of science, technology and IT (STEM).

In the Netherlands girls and women are underrepresented in science and technology compared to their male counterparts. VHTO makes an effort in many different ways to increase the involvement of women and it is important to increase the participation of girls and women in the education of science, technology and IT. From an economic perspective, the country needs female engineers and technicians to deal with the current and future issues.


  • website, august 2013

Girlsday is an annual event since 2006 and more and more girls participate through their schools. In 2010 2,600 Girls participated, in 2013 this number has risen to more than 8,000 girls. Girlsday becomes more and more embedded in the curriculum of the school and is part of the career guidance (LOB) activities. More and more companies are aware of the need to start at an early stage to awake and retain interest amongst girls science, technology and IT.


On Thursday the 25th of April 2013 technical companies, research- and educational institutes will open their doors to young girls aged 10-15 years in order to awaken their interest in science and technology.

For this national kick-off event TNO will welcome Princess Máxima and 60 girls from the primary school ‘Duinoordschool’ and from the secondary school ‘het Hofstad Lyceum’. They will jointly launch Girlsday. Through hand on activities the girls will experience at TNO the opportunities of having an education in science and technology.


  • Jet-Net – Youth and Technology Network Netherlands - is a joint venture between Dutch companies and pre-college schools in the Netherlands.
  • VHTO, the Dutch National Expert Organisation on Girls/Women and Science/Technology organises the annual Girlsday on the fourth Thursday of April.


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