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* ELWIeR (dutch)



Dutch Center of Expertise for Teacher Training in Mathemathics Education

  • Dutch name: Expertisecentrum Lerarenopleiding Wiskunde en Rekenen
  • Duration of the project: December 1, 2006 - January 1, 2014
  • ELWIeR is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Education
  • ELWIeR cooperates with seven other centers of expertise, especially ECENT (Center of Expertise for Teacher Training in Science)


  • Development
Development of Teaching Materials, especially a didactical handbook for teacher training
  • Networking
Exchange of ideas between the different teacher training institutes, both for primary and secondary education
  • Knowledge sharing
Building website and wiki for use by teachers and students of dutch teacher training institutes
  • Research
A set of 6 research projects run by the partners of ELWIeR. The outcomes will be published in Dutch journals on mathematics education and on the wiki of ELWIeR.


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