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* ECBO (dutch)



  • Centre for Expertise in Vocational Education and Training, the Netherlands
  • ExpertiseCentrum BeroepsOnderwijs (ECBO)


website, august 2013

The merger between the CINOP and Max Goote (MGK) expertise centres followed an evaluation of the National Education Support Activities Act (SLOA).

The evaluation entailed close scrutiny of the knowledge infrastructure surrounding VET. What emerged was that, while many demands are made on knowledge and many kinds of knowledge are produced, this knowledge is often not offered in the right way and at the right place.

Above all else, the various stakeholders wanted to organise the knowledge infrastructure more effectively and efficiently. A national expertise centre located at the heart of a network would help enormously to provide VET with a sounder knowledge base. This is why the CINOP and Max Goote expertise centres explored the possibility of a merger in early 2006.


In late 2006 both parties drew up a memorandum sketching the outlines of a VET expertise centre. Discussions were held with representatives from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the MBO Council, Colo and the Platform on VET (HPBO). Discussions were also held with professors by special appointment holding the Max Goote chairs and with lecturers in the VET field. This led to a proposal for the future organisation and subsequently, following approval from the relevant parties, to ecbo’s official launch in January 2009.


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