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During the Dutch Technology Week, technology is presented as a fun and challenging arena that provides opportunities to study, work, do business and invest. The organization and its supporting partners want to attract students, professionals and technology enthusiasts to the region to let them experience and embrace technology. The Dutch Technology Week’s mission is to contribute to the growth of Brainport Region Eindhoven to secure its presence as a global innovative technology player. During this week full of events students see and experience the challenge, fun and career possibilities that technology offers for study, work, undertake or invest.

This all with the aim to:

  • Create a common passion for technology
  • Make sure that the next professional generation selects technology
  • Establish technology as a way of working to ‘think and act’, be creative, perform craftsmanship

The DTW provides companies with a platform to show and share their knowledge, creativity and craftsmanship and thus kindle enthusiasm with other people and help them to choose for a career in technology.


Countries involved in the project

Currently only The Netherlands is involved in DTW.

Funding body

ING is named to be the premium sponsor of the DTW in combination with others which are listed below.

Number of partners in the project

  • Premium Partner:
  1. ING
  • Gold:
  1. ASML
  2. VDL Groep
  3. Eindhoven 365
  4. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
  5. Brainport Industries
  • Silver:
  1. Philips
  2. DAF Trucks
  3. Vanderlande Industries
  4. TNO
  5. Ernst & Young
  6. PANalytical
  7. NXP Nederland
  8. FME
  • Bronze:
  1. Fontys Hogescholen
  2. AAE BV
  3. High Tech Campus Eindhoven
  4. Summa College
  5. Fei Company
  6. Food Connection Point
  7. AutomotiveNL
  8. Brabant voor Techniek!
  9. Bosch
  10. TMC


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