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The multi-purpose Desdemona simulator (installed at TNO in 2008) will definitely push the limits of movement simulation. Desdemona is a movement simulator, disorientation trainer and advanced research lab, all in one. This simulator – unique to the world – can be used for both research and the simulation of complex situations that may occur during flight, driving or even sailing.


Most flight and driving simulations take place in standard hexapod simulators, but these do not allow the exact simulation of really complex aircraft movements or extreme vehicle movements like off-road driving. Desdemona (DESoriëntatie DEMONstrator Amst) is a simulator offering an extended movement envelope. It is the result of a collaboration between TNO and the Austrian AMST Systemtechnik. Desdemona combines the possibilities of both the hexapod and the centrifuge. The Desdemona cabin with modular layout is mounted on a fully gimbaled system that is able to rotate around any conceivable axis. The system as a whole allows 2 metres of vertical movement, combined with 8 metres along a horizontal sledge. The sledge itself is able to spin as well. Centrifugation enables Desdemona to generate constant G-forces up to a maximum of 3 G


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