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Name, affiliation and email address

Philip Daro, University of California, pdaro@berkeley.edu

Bio sketch

Field of interest

The kind of work I do

Chosen topic group (but also interested in)

Chosen topic group: Curriculum

Also interested in:

Planned contribution to ISDDE 2008

I have been involved in an unusual design project that seeks to design 'viruses' that could infect teaching. The viruses have to be small, much smaller than a lesson. We have focused on the earliest stages of making sense of word problems for students from 11 to 14 years old. We are designing first for students and then for teachers and then for scale up. We are in the middle of design for students. Teachers are playing a central role as designers and showing more design prowess for these small viruses than they usually do for curriculum materials.

Expectations for this conference



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