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* Context (dutch)


The context is the general situation in which something occurs. For example, learning occurs within a school. So the school (with a teacher, other pupils, teaching materials) is the context where the learning takes place.

On a micro-level (for example one mathematical item in a textbook) it is possible to have a context to embed the mathematical question in a situation from daily life or from a special workplace situation etc.

From Van Oers (1998): Especially in mathematics education a contextual approach of learning is already viable for a relatively long time now. Contextual problems are generally seen as one of the core concepts in the Realistic Mathematics Education Movement.

From Gravemeijer (2004):

Contextual problems describe situations where a problem is posed. More often this will be an everyday life situation, but not necessarily so; for the more advanced students mathematics itself will become a context, p. 105


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