Computer Science for age group 7 to 12

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* Leerlijn_programmeren (dutch)



  • Target group: primary education
  • Project Universiteit Utrecht, Hogeschool Utrecht, Daltonschool Rijnsweerd
  • Youtube channel (dutch)



This small-scale project runs from january to june 2015. In an 'after school setting' about 20 students of the Rijnsweerd primary school are involved in about 6 meetings (of 1.5 hour) to learn something (exploring, designing) about programming.

Research question:

  • Can we talk of a 'curriculum for computer science' (age group 7 to 12), or is it only a light first impression?
  • What actually does a teacher need to know and to do to support students?

The tools currently used are: Cubelets and Scratch, but Lego Mindstorms will also be used.


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