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Name, affiliation and email address

Annoesjka Boersma, Graduate school for Teaching and Learning, Spinozastraat 55 1018 HJ Amsterdam, +31(0)205251595, e-mail

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Planned contribution to ISDDE 2008

We propose to provide a detailed picture of how researchers, teachers and a school leader as a team designed learning environments that foster communities of learners for vocational orientation in Dutch pre-vocational secondary education. The design was based on four guiding parameters, which were distilled from the literatures concerning the concepts of community of learners and community of practice. This literature is generally very theoretical in nature; only a few applications can be found in education research. My colleagues and I tried to translate the theoretical notions into educational practice by means of a design research. We considered the practical experience of the teachers and the school leader as a crucial contribution to the design process.

We pay attention to how the parameters of a community of learners for vocational orientation were guiding during a year of joint design by teachers and researchers. We describe in which way the researchers and the teachers cooperated during the design process and how their interactions resulted in the design products, The Coffee Morning and The Activity Morning. This description is supplemented with the actions that were put in place by the school management (via the school leader) in the joint meetings of the school leader, the teachers and the researchers and school wide (in study days and development hours), as these actions also influence the design process.

Our description of the design effort shows opportunities for researchers, teachers and school management to realize innovative learning environments in a way that does justice to the expertise of all members of the design team. We conclude with these opportunities, as well as with points of attention for optimizing the cooperation of researchers, teachers and school management.



One of our design products is the 'Activity morning', a series of lessons for 9th grade students in pre-vocational secondary education, sector Care & Welfare. Four parameters were guiding: shared learning, meaningful learning, reflective learning and learning for transfer. Realizing these parameters would foster a community of learners for vocational orientation, in which students are motivated to learn. During the Activity morning students prepared for and carried out an activity morning for 1st and 2nd grade school children at a primary school. I would like to present a video in which these four parameters show from the student and teacher activities during the Activity morning lessons.

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