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Name, affiliation and email address

Mieke Abels, Freudenthal Institute, m.abels@fi.uu.nl

Bio sketch

Mieke Abels is at the Freudenthal Institute at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. From 1975 till 2000 she was a Mathematics teacher in the Netherlands at secondary education level. In that period she also worked three years as a part-time teacher at a College for Primary Education and started to be involved in the development of textbooks in the Netherlands (Moderne Wiskunde) and in the USA (Mathematics in Context), and in research and curriculum development projects for innovation and improvement of mathematics education, in the Netherlands and in the USA. She provided many professional development activities in the Netherlands, in South Africa, and in the USA. Her most recent work is the design of a guide for professional development in assessment, a product that was developed and tested during the CATCH (Classroom Assessment as a base for Teachers CHange) project. Her ambition is that learning mathematics will be a challenging activity for the students, enabling them to construct the mathematical knowledge and skills they will need later, both in daily life and in their chosen profession; and that teaching mathematics will be a challenging activity for the teachers too, enabling them to use their mathematical and educational knowledge and skills.

Field of interest

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Planned contribution to ISDDE 2008

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