Valued outcomes
  • Inquiring minds
  • Applying science in real life
  • Preparing for active citizenship and lifelong learning
  • Understanding the nature of science
  • Understanding how mathematics and
    science are used in the World of Work

What students do
  • Inquire, pose questions
  • Explore problems, engage in solving them,
    use their knowledge to find solutions
  • Explain situations and phenomena
  • Reflect on the results and processes
  • Make sense for themselves
  • Explore the World of Work

Teacher guidance
  • Values and builds upon pupils’ reasoning and reflections
  • Connects to pupils’ experience
  • Motivates students by connecting school and work

Classroom culture
  • Shared sense of purpose/justification
  • Value mistakes, contributions (open-minded)
  • Dialogic
  • Shared ownership
  • Collaborative

IBL tasks
  • The context is meaningful
  • The situation evokes multiple solution strategies
  • The students plan inquiry
  • The task supports collaboration and communication

World of Work
  • The context of the task relates to the WoW
  • Students have to take a professional role
  • Students’ activities reflect workplace practices
  • The task asks for a product